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Most volunteers like to serve near where they live. They like being close to home and the feeling that they’re helping to strengthen their own community.

In the Hopkins area, we are fortunate to have a vital network of educational, charitable, medical, and civic organizations helping support our families, adults, and children in need. But in all cases, these organizations rely on volunteers to maximize the reach and effectiveness of their programs. They need our help.

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Our goal is to give you information about as many of the volunteer opportunities in the Hopkins area as possible to make it easier to research and find the right opportunity for you. Since hopkinsvolunteers was begun in close partnership with Hopkins Public Schools, you will find several opportunities in the school system. But today you’ll also find over 100 volunteer opportunities from 31 different organizations. If you discover an opportunity or represent an organization we’ve missed, please let us know so it can be included.

Hopkinsvolunteers.org needs your help.  Please consider a donation to help us fulfill our mission of providing our community organizations with excellent volunteers.

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